Ok so this month we flip the script. Lets see what you can do with your body weight.

This month will be L-sit or any variation for time. Variations include but are not limited to: L-hang, tuck hang, tuck sit, V sit… Be creative and use the equipment you have. Also to make evaluation easier please use the same variation at the end of the month so we are comparing apples to apples. It is great if you have progressed but that should mean your beginning variant should be held longer than the first time.

Thank you again to the crew that came to my seminar at Crossfit Coastal for being my guinea pigs.
Don’t laugh too hard at me, i promise i used to be able to do this for a minute and a half… Lets see if i can get it back by the end of the month!!

PS i will be compiling the results from last month and getting a post up about the winners as well as sending them a link to the new widget for your site.

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  1. CrossFit Carson Valley’s results:

    Women = 288
    Men = 253
    gym = 276

    As mentioned above these challenges have been great. Besides being fun it gives me a focus for programming etc. Also as above the numbers from the first workout at the beginning of the month are dramatically different and the members have improved in areas they (we) never understood. We also could “stack” the workout weights to reduce the time but that isn’t the point as I get it.
    Again, all numbers available on request:

    Thanks again Dutch.

  2. Dutch,
    It was really beneficial and enjoyable having you here in Utah recently. You’ve got a place to crash anytime you want to come in. Hopefully you can drop in for some powder this winter. Take care.

  3. Looking forward to this! We love L-sits! We will try and run as many people through the first attempt of L-sit variations AUG 7-8 and again at the end of the month. Thanks Dutch!

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  5. Question for you, Dutch – when we report our numbers at the end of the month, do you want:
    A) An average of how long we can hold an L-sit (or a chosen variation)?
    B) An average of how much we’ve improved from our numbers at the beginning of the month?


  6. Phil
    All I want is the average time you can hold an l sit.

    It would be fantastic if yu could show your clients their improvements.

  7. Thanks for the response. We’re a group of friends that CrossFits together, so I don’t have clients per se, but we will definitely be measuring our improvements over the month as well as you mentioned.

  8. CrossFit Carson Valley’s results:

    863 seconds, 25participants = 34.5 seconds.

    We are fortunate to have parallel bars so the majority of the sits were done on those as either horizontal (feet even with the bars) or low. There were a few that did the sits on the rings. When we did the baseline measurements we had tuck sits and one legged L-sits for some but thankfully progressed from there.

    I have a file in xls format that has all our numbers if anyone wants to see them.

    Dutch-what you got for September?

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