Everyone Needs a coach.
Having a coach that can watch you train and manage your workload is crucial to progressing yourself as an athlete. I have a couple that i consult with both in person and online on a weekly basis. It is very helpful to be under an experienced trainers watchful eye. It is also very important for to be kept accountable to your goals. How many times have you said “I want a muscle up by …” and look here you are still wondering why you don’t have one. Would having a coach present change your work ethic? Yes!

I made the offer a couple months ago to coach people. A couple have taken me up on it and have seen some incredible gains. I understand that coaching from the internet is not ideal but for some it is better than what is available to them currently. It keeps them accountable and allows them to focus on their day to day training without being bogged down by the complications of programming.  All they have to do is train hard and be honest with me. The results speak for themselves.


Programming consultation Phone/skype

Services Included:

  • 1 hour phone or skype call
  • Analyze personal or gym goals.
  • Help identify trouble areas and how to address them either individually or as a group.
  • Assist in program design with up to 3 post call follow up emails.
  • this is designed to assist with the understanding of HOW to develop ones understanding of strength and conditioning basics through advance training.
  • topics are guided by you.

Price: $125

Distance Personal Training and Custom Program Design

Services Included:

  • Weekly program Development
  • Daily consulting
  • Nutrition Counseling (cause we all need help)
  • Video Analysis of Lifts/workouts
  • Flexible Work/Rest Schedule (you can work around your schedule)
  • Any additional questions you have about various topics
  • Up to 4 emails/ week of miscellaneous details/questions
  • 1 skype/phone call per month

Price: $75/ week.
If you are interested please email me and i will get you all the info you need to get started.

What Current Clients are saying about their training:

I like the level of thought that appears to go into the programming and how it exploits my weaknesses. Yet, at the same time, I have to survive. So, it allows me adequate recovery and progress. There is no room for “man-up” type mentality when training paying clients. I like that you allow your mind to train us, and let the body follow. I like the programming with me being the one to carry out the training. The google spreadsheet is a good tool.


1. Convenience – I am given a week’s worth of programming at a time which allows me to plan accordingly and make adjustments to the training schedule or my personal schedule prior to it. 2. Results – I have seen steady gains and don’t feel as though the volume is excessive. The moderate volume has resulted in physical gains as well as an overall mental well-being. As you know, I have a tendency to run myself into the ground. 3. Experience – The fact is I want someone that knows what it takes to get to where I want to go (CF Games). First hand experience is irreplaceable. 4. Responsiveness – You are easily accessible and quick to respond to questions.


i like having all my workouts planned out at the begining of the week for me so i can plan my week better. monday morning i come home from work and everything is there. i like not having to come up with the workouts myself. it is hard to challenge yourself. the convenience is great especially with shift work. i can workout when it fits into my schedule. i can email my coach at anytime. the workouts are challenging but not overwhelming, not 2 hours at the gym anymore. quick and dirty-much better because we still have to deal with real life (laundry, store, dog, work). my coach is very understanding with injuries, work schedules, frustration, less then ideal food choices. he is encouraging but not a peppy cheerleader which would be very annoying. he does not yell or berate like some coaches to “motivate”. he is kind and encouraging, a solid, strong presence that makes you want to do better, be better just by his example. i like that he practices what he preaches. he trains the same way he trains his clients, eats the same way, even has a coach of his own. working with someone who is not saying one thing and doing another is motivating.


The reason that I like your training is because it is moldable. I have an ever changing difficult schedule, and it sometimes has a big influence on my training. It is necessary for my training to be flexible while at the same time still keeping me on track to meeting my goals. The good thing about this is not only that it can be changed but that it is intelligently changed by a person that is invested in my results. I respect you dutch and your constant learning and not only learning but proving your methods by showing that they have worked on you and you have become better on them. In summary: You give me flexiblity with an intelligent source behind it that is responsive and ever evolving itself.


Training is very convenient, can be done when/where I need to do it. Having my wo’s lets me plan my week and gives me great flexibility. My program is personalized and directly addresses my goals. Having a coach who is focused on my needs is a great luxury to me. It keeps me from overtraining. It keeps me focused on my goals. It is structure and support, without rigidity or judgement. I am loving my current programming!


The convenience is great – you let me see the entire week’s workouts in one place. That allows me to adjust as needed (workout at home, gym, other places, etc.). LOVE the results! And I like the strength aspect of the workouts and that ‘metcon’ is only 10 mins!!!  I enjoy the programming. I like the variety in the lifts. I LOVE the RESULTS – being able to do things that I couldn’t before.


Right now with my knees as they are, your ability to work about them and work with me to keep training is great. Good variation in programming. I feel like I was improving until getting hurt and even while injured I am improving in other areas. The flexibility in when I do the workouts is nice as well. Your efforts in helping me figure out what’s going on with my injuries are great as well. Very attentive to a needy client like me…


I love the individualized programming. It really works!! I have gotten great results: 120 lb. squat clean, chest to bar pull-ups (done one at a time, but still!), and handstand push-ups (on a good day). :D I also like that I can e-mail/text you with any questions and get a quick response back.  I am a whole different person now. I have so much more confidence in my athletic abilities. The results I’ve seen are amazing!! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done. Please say you’ll coach me until I’m about…100 years old.


0 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. Dutch,

    I workout in my little garage gym that’s limited in equipment (pull up bar, pair of 40lb DB’s, 40 pound KB, jump rope, a set of rings, parallettes, and a 20-inch box). Will your coaching sessions be dictated on what I’m able to do or should i go to the nearest globo-gym to get in my heavy lifts (there’s no affiliate near me)?

  2. John,
    We can work around equipment limitations but if its possible to get access to weights you will need that as well.
    We can make it work.

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