Seminar at Crossfit Chicago

Seminar at Crossfit Chicago

My goal with this blog and my seminar is to make the Crossfit Community better in any and every way i can.

I commonly get the question about who my seminar is for. Let me expand on this for a bit as well as give some background on why i am doing what i’m doing.

The first thing i want everyone to know is that i will do whatever it takes to make the Crossfit community better. Ya’ll have always supported me so i want to give back to ya’ll.

About a year ago i graduated from college and hit the road for just under 4 months. On the road i visited many Crossfit gyms. Some good, some bad. I was always asked what do you think? How is our gym? I came from a garage gym with limited space and equipment so it seemed that every gym i saw was very well equipped. I honestly believe that so long as you have a pullup bar, bumpers and a decent olympic bar you are set. Anything beyond that is a luxury.

Anyway, if something was missing in the gym we would talk about it but i always held my tongue when i saw bad training or poor programming. I still don’t think it is my place to walk into a gym and judge clients or trainers. I have my opinions of effective programming and frankly at some gyms i just didn’t see it. Funny enough, this was reflected in the athletes. I took offense to this and really thought long and hard about how i could educate people on what the really successful (performance based) gyms were doing. There were some striking similarities in the “good” gyms. Their programming was spot on and it reflected in the results their clients got, the intensity shown during workouts and the community that had developed. The other gyms, most of which were severely deficient in any quality programming, had decent communities and marginal results but limited legit athletes and no developmental program. I’ll be honest here, Crossfit done poorly is better than anything else on the market. The results of a poor crossfit will be blunted and only serve to get people to a certain point before they become stagnant.

In my seminar i try to simplify everything. I have gotten great responses from both beginners and advanced crossfitters. I feel like it is a great introduction into the foundations of crossfit both for both coaches and athletes. It will take your training to a higher level whether you are coaching others, working out in a box, or training in your garage with your buddies. Having a better understanding of what good programming looks like will allow you to not only start to think on your own but also take responsibility for your own training.

In my opinion this seminar is a must for anyone interested in their own or others development as crossfitters.

Thank you for your support!