Setting Goals

Aw Crap! You are thinking. Is Dutch really going to talk to us about setting goals? What is this a high school assembly with your counselor?
No , No, its not. I am not sure i really understood the importance of goal setting until just recently. Maybe its maturity or quite possibly something else i don’t even realize but lately i have been hammering my clients to set goals.

Lets back track a bit. In order to set goals, you need to know where you are currently. I call this testing or assessing. So your goal is to add weight to your deadlift? We will talk about why thats not the best way to state a goal in a minute but can you tell me what your deadlift is right now? No not what it was 6 months ago or the last time you lifted. I want to know what it was yesterday. With that info i can create a program for you and we will be able to measure your success.

This brings up the first point about setting goals.
Measurable: Is what you are trying to accomplish measurable? Can you put a number to it? Is it a realistic number?
For example, i wanted to snatch 110 kgs by the American Open in December. That is a specific number along with a specific date. make it measurable.

Attainable: Is it realistic? I talked in the last post about having expectations and purposely setting the high as a coach. Understand that just because i have high expectations doesn’t mean they are unrealistic. Set the bar high but allow yourself to succeed.

Now with this info. Sit down and set some goals. Limit yourself to 1-2 at a time and really focus on them. Post them here and let the world keep you accountable.

7 thoughts on “Setting Goals

  1. I like this post a lot. Mostly because people don’t realize how psychologically important it is to set the right goals.

    For me at least, I don’t want to set myself up for failure, and if it’s too low I feel I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. So you have to find the perfect balance so you won’t get upset cause you’re not hitting your intended goals and give up.

    Good fruit for thought Dutch!

  2. (oops, hit submit too early) and stop being so critical of others and their own personal decisions in life.

    I know you said 1-2 and they need to be measurable, this breaks both of those guidelines. But I know i need to work on this.

  3. Dave,
    Thank you for posting that. And yes I think it’s always good to sprinkle in a little personal development every once in A while. Yea it’s hard to measure but still important.

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