Appropriate Conditioning

This is an important topic that has been overlooked until recently. As we each split off of general fitness and start to specialize in different things. For me it has been weightlifting so i will use that example when looking at appropriate conditioning for a weightlifter.

As a weightlifter my goal is to lift as much weight as possible over my head in two different styles of lifts but only for a single effort. So by deductive reasoning you can imagine that doing high volume light weights would be a little counter productive. This does not let me off the hook from staying in decent shape. The question now is what is appropriate in terms of conditioning?

Looking a little deeper, but not too deep, you will understand the essentials of weightlifting… Explosiveness! With this in mind we can develop appropriate conditioning. I’m not going to get too crazy with this since i like simple things.
Basically, i will start this with the most basic of prescriptions…Sprinting. This can be anywhere from 3 seconds to 20 seconds but anything past that and i personally have to slow down or i might die…

Once you have decided the mode of exercise, and let me caution you to keep it freaking simple!, you can put together a simple plan. For me, i like to vary things a bit so i will be doing sets of 8-10 sprints with full recovery and varying the distance and in effect the time spent working. For a quick example i may do 10x 40m sprints with full recovery.

I am not sure how to make this any simpler. You can take this same approach to just about any sport specific training. Good luck and if you have any questions about this, just post them here.

4 thoughts on “Appropriate Conditioning

  1. Dutch,

    Good post. Simple, but important. While I was doing Rip’s Starting Strength during the winter and spring, I was constantly concerned about my level of conditioning. I tried implementing some short met-cons into the program, but go fried doing that. When I hit my next strength cycle I will definitely be keeping this in mind. Simple programming can (and often does) work best.

  2. Dutch,

    It has been a while since I’ve checked out your site. Wow! So glad I came back, looks like I have missed alot. Crossfit burnt me up, I would be sore at work, to the point of bending over to grab something off the ground was horrible, and forget running up 20 flights of stairs with 70lbs of gear on(firefighter). But anyway, I have been doing barbell lifts 5X5, and strict bodyweight progressions to gain strength and avoid injury, along with row and run sprints once a week. The olyathlete stuff looks great, and so does the competion stuff as well, sorry there is no question, just stoked to see material on thought out programing, and great strength and conditioning coaching. Thanks

  3. Dutch,

    I have found myself gravitating to Olympic lifting during the “off season” of CrossFit. Mainly because I have been doing CrossFit for 7-8 years and want to mix things up and test my aptitude in other realms. Currently I have an Oly coach who is critiquing my form online and I typically Oly lift in a set regiment 3-4 times a week. Additionally, I perform a 10 minute of less CrossFit WOD once a week.

    How many times a week would you recommend a conditioning session so as not to negatively affect my lifts. Should I include this conditioning after an Oly workout? I usually conclude each Oly session with some form of core/gymnastic movements. If you have any suggestions or advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks, brother!

  4. Nigel,
    I think 3 x/week would be sufficient to maintain while you are lifting. I would lean towards sprinting and pulling a sled for conditioning vs air squats or an overwhelming amount of gymnastic movements.

    I am glad to hear you are making the switch over to lifting. Its a hard journey but well worth the time investment.

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