Life is Life!!

Do you have this much fun when you are training or playing or even just warming up???

0 thoughts on “Life is Life!!

  1. Admittedly, I don’t have that much fun in my warm ups . . . but I also don’t snort blow before warming up. How “warmed up” do you think he was before he took the pitch?
    I think this post can only mean one thing: Dutch Lowy endorses pre-WOD cocaine use.
    Let the rumor mill and trolls run wild!

  2. dan,
    you aren’t a cheater unless you get caught.. At least in organized sports. That’s what they pay the idiots that run around with wistles for.

    you are high right now aren’t you??

  3. Come on Kris and Dutch, kind of a big situation to be breaking the rules don’t you think. Especially in such a cultured sport as soccer. (not a rip, I played in college)

  4. I think of it more as guidelines. Guidelines are more flexible than rules.

    If you happen to be holding your fist by your head when a ball happens to come by and strike it, consequently bouncing into a goal, who can blame you for that??

  5. Dan,
    I played in college as well…actually I played sparingly because they guy in front of me was all-american. I acknowledge that Diego “did you see what God just did” Maradona got away with one of the biggest cheats of all-time, that shouldn’t take attention away from his LOVE for the game, and let’s not forget his non-cheating ability. the “goal of the century” was epic, that’s the one I remember most.

  6. dutch: haha, no god wouldn’t…he just knew maradona’s hand needed to be there so he grabbed it and put it in the right place at the right time…who’s gonna call god out anyway?

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