My Warm Up

So i decided to post a video rather than try to explain everything i do for warm up. It is great to have a routine before training just like having a ritual before your golf swing or as a baseball player at bat. It does more than get your body ready to move. The mental part of training is at least 50% of your performance so make sure you can visualize yourself performing at the top of your game.

10 thoughts on “My Warm Up

  1. Dutch,

    Nice warm up and even better music choice, strong like the lion ras! Your warm up is actually simialr to one that my wife and I use at CrossFit MadTown. On the leg swings have you ever tried to do them from standing on the ball of the foot and staying off the heal? It is a nice variation. My old buddy Max Mormont told me to check out your blog and I have liked the info you have been putting out, keep it up!

  2. Skipp.
    I will try it from my toes today.

    I have heard much about you and am honored to have you checking the blog. I look forward to meeting you some day. Any friend of max’s is a friend of mine!

  3. Wha Gwan, Dutch!

    Music is cris bwoi.

    Your warm-up is exactly what we do for our Muay Thai warm-up, well up until the jump squats it is anyway. We’re missing the jump squats, Inch worm and cobra which I think would be more useful for our MMA class.

    Thanks for posting,

    One love

  4. I’ve travelled now to approx. 1/2 dozen affiliates and have taken part in their scheduled WODs and have found the differences in warmup to be extremely varied. Some affiliates have no formal warmup, other’s used the “Official” CF warmup, while others took advantage of the motto “Our warmup is your workout!”

    Dutch, thx for offering up a great mix of dynamic movements to warm you up, not wipe you out!

  5. thanks for the video dutch, i plan on adding most of that to my warmup along with the rowing I do already (excellent music) . By the way, Carey raved about the seminar, as well as the oly training you put them through! it will be my turn next time around.

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  7. After being the test subject for my gym and trying this warm-up out for a few weeks… It’s now a daily routine for everyone. I love it, wakes you up and gets you ready to do work. Thank you!

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