What they need vs what they want

Giving people what they need is not always the easiest thing to do especially in the fitness industry. In my opinion 90% if not more need strength. How are you going to give your clients strength without running them off and turning your gym into a power lifting gym? You have to trick them… haha!

I have talked about the hybrid training programs out there and i totally think that they are the path to fitness. I know for a fact that others agree as per the responses on the website and the popularity of CFSB, MEBB and Catalyst Athletics. So why not give your clients something like that? Its what they need and will give them better gains in all catagories from weight loss to performance.

So here is your last warning… Make people strong!

0 thoughts on “What they need vs what they want

  1. Dutch,
    Love the blog and always enjoy your thoughts.
    This is something I’ve been struggling with as a trainer who is relegated right now primarily to programming outdoor db and kb workouts for a class.

    They WANT the 20 min metcons (preferably done in ‘team’ fashion), and they want it bad. Any thoughts on programming strength work w/dbs and keeping it fun?

    Any th


  2. Justin,
    It really depends on what weights you have.
    Some things you can do is make the movements strict. For example presses instead of push presses, KB swings with no legs, one arm one legged deadlifts…
    These are just a few but like i said it depends on your equipment.

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