More than one way to do a max effort.

Many of you have gotten on board with the dedicated strength work on a daily basis which i applaud you for but make sure you are not missing the other stuff. When you are feeling run down by weights but still feel like training try to take your max effort into a different realm. For example Eric is pictured above performing a max effort box jump.

What are some Max Efforts you use for your training? Besides weightlifting.

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  1. while on Max’s oly programming and gaining weight I regularly partake in “max effort eating.” it’s the worst. I like max effort jumping movements…like broad jumps or box jumps. I’ve also been bored and tried to see how high I could throw a 20lb medicine ball…

  2. I love using max effort box jumps as an all-out, max effort finisher! Here are a few others:

    How far can you row with 10 pulls on the C2? (Damper on 10)
    Max dead hang pull up
    Max hold from pull up bar
    Max handstand hold against wall or freestanding or max HSPU
    Hill Sprints (Nothing’s better!)
    100m Row

  3. Gymnastics stuff as mentioned above: handstand work, front/back levers etc.
    Med ball throws for distance with different throwing techniques/stances.
    Dot drill for fastest time
    Broad jump
    Overhead hold for longest time, L-sit hold
    others but I’m blanking at the moment

  4. Dutch thanks for thought process on strength work! Good luck at the games. I watched the video that you did with the Oly class at CrossFit Seven, great stuff. Our folks can’t wait. 6 registered and more to come. Our goal is to max it out for you. We did a clean WOD the other day and our folks were so frustrated with the movement. They are getting it, but most of them have never been exposed to Oly lifting. My hope with your class is that we can develop a handful of folks that get it, including myself, and we can grow our pool of talent from there. Thanks.

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