Feeling sorry for Yourself

I was reading my horoscope the other day and it had an interesting stat. It said research showed that if a stranger gazes at you for at least 8.2 seconds, he or she is definitely interested in you. If on the other hand the look lasts 4.5 seconds or less there is no attraction.
Interesting gem of knowledge but how does this relate to Crossfit?
2 things came to mind as i read this.
First, think about how long you spend starring at the pullup bar or barbell during any given workout. If you can limit your need to open mouth stare at the bar/floor/kb… your performance will improve. I feel like 90% of the time we stop during a workout to breathe we are just feeling sorry for ourselves. It is time to realize it and move on. Quit feeling sorry for yourself and pick up that bar and get moving!! Next time try to limit the time you spend staring at your nemesis to less than 8 seconds or people might start to talk…

The second thing that comes to mind is women. I’m just saying keep your eyes open. ;-)

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  1. They are really interested in you; or you have something like a booger hanging out of your nose.

    I’m the same way about not wanting to pick up the bar. The extra 5 seconds of staring at the bar isn’t going give you much help. It’s all mental. Pick that shit up!

    Really enjoy the blog; keep it up.

  2. I am no stranger to my pull-up bar or the barbell. But I do think I love them. Actually it’s more of a LOVE / HATE thing I have going on.

    I always have people working out and those that are done and hanging around or those waiting to go. If that person stops, right now the typical is to to give that person a “3-2-1-pick it up!”. It doesn’t always happen, but then they just yell out encouragement to them and then give it to them again. I know when I hear that I want to be on the bar before they call out,”Pick it up!”. Sometimes you need to hear someone call you out before you move again.

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