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“Our second chakra is the playground of the inner child and one of the most wonderful ways to healthy this center immediately is to play. Playing is a lost art in many adults, mostly because we have been indoctrinated to believe it is a waste of time. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, genuine play is one of the best possible uses of our time, restoring our physical and sensory being and revitalizing our spirits as well. Einstein himself said one of the most valuable things we can do is play.”
Daily OM

I have been getting many questions lately about optimization of programming and just some other random shit. I wanted to take a second and touch on a subject that is very important to me… FUN!
I want all of you to think to yourself or say it out loud “Is my training Fun?” If the answer is no then you need to figure out what you can do to make it fun. Lets be honest if you don’t enjoy something you aren’t going to continue doing it for an extended period of time. We need exercise to be fun so we stick with it for the rest of our lives.
I often wonder to myself how long i am going to last in Crossfit. It is very stressful on our body and at some point do we start to breakdown or can we continue to improve out performance? Is the increased performance over a long period of time really beneficial for our mental attitude towards fitness?

At some point i want kids, and lots of them! I know for a fact that fitness will not be my focus at that point in my life. Will i continue to train? Of course but it will be less performance driven and more of an enjoyable hobby. I actually look forward to this especially after yesterdays wallballs…

I urge you to take a step back and reflect on why you do this stuff. Is it still fun or are you punishing yourself everyday? Are you so focused on performance that you miss what this is all about? Try to smile next time you train and think about how much you enjoy the process of working out not the end result.

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  1. Another great post Dutch, I have all but retired from rockclimbing because I stopped enjoying it. I got to the point where I would be scared out of my brains every weekend and wishing I wasn’t on the rock from start to finish and for what? To have cool stories and stay in the RC click – It wasn’t worth it.

  2. Good points Dutch. I *think*, but my view is evolwing all the time :) , that once I established good performance in CF (about 3 years) I started to look around now only for way to improve even more but to have more fun as well, to, heresy, specialize bit more.
    Even in CF alone, there is so much to be learned (weights, OLY, gymnastic) but for all the WOD one couldn’t see to moves sometimes :)
    I don’t know what would future brings but same as you – I want to first and foremost enjoy it.
    As you said CF is hard on the body, I feel very fit, but as I push more and more I feel it more and more. body is capable of doing so much work that it has to take some toll.

  3. Nice!!! Dutch I wasn’t having any fun jut following main site wods mindlessly. Since meeting you and attending your seminars your points on rest, recovery and having fun have really hit home with me.

    Also switching to CrossFit Football I am having more fun than ever. Since I come from a football background its like being a kid again.

  4. Hey Dutch, great blog. It’s quickly become one of my daily look-ats.

    I love Crossfit and think it’s fun on a lot of levels. The people I get to hang out with, the ah-ha moments from talking to someone smarter than you, and currently busting through PRs. I think eventually I’ll get to a point where performance starts trending the other way, but the fun of CF is so much more than that daily data point in the log book. In a lot of ways it’s the other intangible stuff that will keep me coming back.

  5. Dutch,
    I agree with the keep it fun aspect to training in general. I think that the constantly changing WODs really help keep it fresh, which really helps with keeping it fun. I love the movements and in general the internal competitiveness. I won’t shun from the notion that I look to see how I’m doing when I post vis a vis others, but it’s not the only point by far. I enjoy refining my form and learning more about techniques and other & new movements. The community at large is a great bunch overall and I think that CrossFit is really in its infancy of what it will become. The weights have been steadily increasing and there’s going to be a limit somewhat to that regard, but I always believe in pund for pound strength as well as a true measure… how you wield you own body… maybe that’s my wrestling background, or because I’m a pretty small guy (even smaller than Speal) but these WODs are fun, challenging and varying. Everyone will have some aspects that they’re stronger in… I love to work on the stuff that I’m not great in, or not as dominant in… I rarely do a Cindy because I know I’m pretty good at it.. now I do Mary and work on the heavier movements to help with explosive movements.. I think that CrossFit will start to incorporate obstacle course type events where exercises (thrusters, rope climbs, etc.) will be strewn out all over the place… If you look at the california Qualifier that was pretty close.. I think that’s where the Games will be headed as well… maybe the last day or something like that.
    Anyhoo, Great post and as a father of two little ones.. the shorter duration of the WODs actually helps in fitting into the inherent busy lifestyle… you’ll just have a lot more balls in the air to manage… OPT is a dad and one bad ass mofo so I think it can be achieved if it’s a priority.

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