Performance Development Seminar

Spend a day with Dutch and get a better understanding of how to speed the progress of yourself or your clients.

Topics Covered:


  • Review (power, time/task, power curve)
  • The goal of Crossfit
  • Programming Basics
  • How to increase power
  • Simplicity
  • Time Goals
  • Workout example (scaled)
  • Addressing Weaknesses
  • Strength Work
  • Scaling
  • Good/bad workouts
  • Workout presentations
  • Partitioning the week
  • Program a week
  • Relative Intensity
  • Workout

Level 2 prep


  • intangibles
  • Responsibilities of Trainers


  • When Intensity? How do you see it?
  • Structuring classes, and one-on-one training

Community discussion

This is a 1-day seminar from 9-5. Click the payment button below for your particular seminar. Please email me with any questions.
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Participants Thoughts…

“So, that was my experience coming into this whole crossfit thing and how I have developed as a coach. The reality is few people GET this opportunity these days due to the fact that crossfit is growing at a remarkable rate. Folks attend a Level 1 Cert, learn a great amount of information, and are told to “Grab your neighbor and teach him or her how to crossfit…” This is an effective way of developing trainers but if you recall, I feel like less than 50% of what I’ve learned came from simply coaching people day to day. Most of what I have learned, and I’d say the BEST elements of what I have learned, came from spending time with other coaches and trainers. So, if someone takes this whole coaching and training thing seriously, they should really spend time with folks from whom they can learn. The coaches I mentioned above are must-haves. Another coach and athlete I highly recommend you check out is Dutch Lowy. Dutch is not only a top level athlete (#7 finisher at last years CrossFit Games, 1st place finisher at the Hells Half Acre Regional Qualifier) he is also a phenomenal coach who offers a training seminar that is OUTSTANDING.

Dutch gave us input on that first visit that improved our program. He came back about 6 months later for his Training Seminar and provided more input that improved our program. He is a legit coach and although young, he is very smart and never passses up an opportunity to learn and grow. Obviously I’m pimping his seminar, but Dutch is the kind of person you want to learn from….I simply can not recommend his seminar enough.”

Robb Wolf
Norcal Strength & Conditioning

“Everyone should know how to program workouts. It’s knowledge that serves you well if you are serious about fitness. This isn’t something that just coaches should understand; it’s something that everyone who works out should know about. There is an effective way to train, and there is an ineffective way to train. Do you know the difference? There are hundreds of CrossFit affiliate sites with free workouts posted daily. You can experience information overload trying to figure out which program to follow, or which workouts to do. How will you ever know what the best programming is to reach your goals? Dutch’s seminar is going to teach you how to figure it all out. If you’ve been to a Level 1 CrossFit cert, you have a very basic overview of programming. You know how to dissect the main site WODs. But, could you actually create an effective program? Even if you are not a coach, this knowledge is vital to growing and succeeding as an athlete. If you haven’t been to a Level 1 cert, but are just trying to figure out the method behind the madness of some of the CrossFit programming, Dutch will help you understand how and why it works. And if you are coaching others, you should already understand the importance of learning new information that will help you create the best program possible. Whether you are an athlete or a coach, I promise you will pick up something from Dutch that will make a positive difference in your program! ”

Mary Rigney
Crossfit Rockwall

“For us, the biggest take-aways were the practical applications of the Crossfit programming methodology and how to make that work on a day-to-day basis and across a diverse population. We also found the discussion about Community to be very insightful although I have to admit I did not expect it to be – I guess I never thought about how important this aspect of a gym could be. Another piece that really added value was just being able to learn from and share with other affiliates – large and small.

What I really found to be of most value was how practical and relevant the information was for us in terms of being a more effective affiliate for our clients. I know there are a couple of seminars out there that focus on the business part of running a Crossfit facility (I have not been to one, so do not know exactly what they cover) but I think the stuff you covered is really at the heart of being successful. I guess what I am saying is that I showed up expecting to learn what I need to know in order to be competent enough to pass the level 2 cert. But, what I left with was a ton of information about how to make our gym better for the people we serve.”

William and Ginger Calem
Crossfit Georgetown

The information and knowledge I gained from Dutch has been indispensable and invaluable to my growth as a trainer and a new affiliate owner. From the affiliate stand point, we have allot to learn from one another, and this seminar provides a forum for just that. Additionally Dutch is one of the few people that has taken the time to explore the sea of affiliates and trainers that make up our great community. He has seen and experienced what works. With Dutch’s
help we have surpassed initial goals and started to build a fine community that wants us to succeed.

Dutch’s resume as a trainer and trainer of trainers speaks for itself. I am better trainer today than I was before Dutch’s seminar. I plan on attending the Houston seminar not only to learn more from other affiliates but to continue my development as a trainer. Simply put this seminar gives you the tools to provide an outstanding, top-of-the-line service and I would recommend it to any and all affiliate owners and trainers.

Wes Kimball
Head Trainer/ Co-Owner
CrossFit Austin